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Do I need to buy any additional components to install the Avanti remote control system? All remotes are complete with all components needed for the average installation including awire lead, batteries and instructions.


How can I be sure the Avanti remote will fit my fireplace or logs? Consult your fireplace or gas log manufacturers installation guidelines for any specific requirements. Most “millivolt” or “standing pilot” systems are “remote ready” and many of the IPI systems from major manufacturers are as well. In some markets, 110 volt systems are common and they require a specific remote system. Certain gas valves with a variable flame feature require a specific remote system to operate this feature. Consult your fireplace manufacturers guidelines on this issue.


How often should batteries be changed in the receiver and transmitter? It is recommended that the batteries be changed once each year. Use a good quality alkaline battery in both components. NOTE: Do not use lithium or rechargeable batteries in your Avanti remote control system.


“The red light on my AHP289 receiver does not light up”. The red “led light” on this receiver is a low battery warning light.


Can I use more than one remote control unit in my home? Yes, Avanti buys from several manufacturers and they all have their own specific operating systems. If there is a specific concern regarding this, our technical service department will gladly discuss the issue.


What if I have questions regarding installation or service.Our service department manager has over forty four years of direct experience in the fireplace industry in sales and management with the most recognizable names in the industry. We welcome all customer inquiries.


Does Avanti Hearth Products manufacture their own product? All of the remote controls are manufactured specifically for Avanti to our specifications. This enables Avanti to sell directly to the public at very competitive prices.


Where do I install the receiver? The receiver may be placed near the burner but not so close as to cause excess heat on the receiver. Always try to place the receiver so that it is not behind any solid metal panels. The receiver can also be installed in an electrical wall box (non metalelectrical boxes are preferred)- using low voltage wire to connect to the gas valve (consult your fireplace or log manufacturers instruction manual on this installation). A specific “switchplate cover” and “on/off knob” are included with each remote for this application.