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Fireplace Remotes starting at $59.95!

Avanti Hearth Products offers premium quality fireplace remotes designed to operate with standard millivolt hearth product systems. Avanti remotes will control most popular gas log and fireplace systems and operate with standard millivolt and most IPI systems.

All units are shipped complete with wiring, hardware, cover plates and batteries. Extra wire may be needed for wall mount installations. Our remotes are RF units and are unaffected by line of sight restrictions. They operate at higher frequencies than other remotes and are less likely to be affected by interference from other devices.

Avanti remotes are designed and manufactured to our specifications using the most efficient technology available in the industry unlike many companies that buy from distributors and then resell to the public.

Our thermostat remotes have the most up to date features available in the industry including out of range, childproof lockout and industry leading design.

For product questions, the Avanti customer service technicians have over forty years of industry experience.